Contact Information


The following list contains email addresses which can be used to reach me or the mailing lists for the Overlay Filesystem. Please see below for more information on the mailing lists, forums, and guidelines for making contact.

Arthur Naseef
Overlay Filesystem User List
Overlay Filesystem Developer List
Overlay Filesystem Miscellaneous List

Mailing Lists

Please use the following links for more information on, and to sign up for, one of the mailing lists.

ovlfs-user: User Discussions
ovlfs-devel: Developer Discussions
ovlfs-misc: Miscellaneous Discussions

Forums and Discussions

Forums maintained by Sourceforge can be reached at the following location:

Guidelines for Making Contact

Below are some guidelines for making contact. Following these will increase your chances of getting a useful response. Note that I am not the email police and will be as patient as possible. These guidelines are intended for our mutual benefit.